I’m the head of the Intergalactic Postal Service!  We take care of all the packages that need to get between planets ever since you Americans spread yourselves too thin amongst the cosmos.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Read a short primer here.

Tooth and Mail is a comic book that your modern day comic book creators dragged out of me, about the exploits of the daring souls of my workforce!  You can read a preview here on the site.  But better yet, why don’t you sign up to become a member of the service?  You can get updates as they come, and if you’re lucky and live long enough, you could reap kick ass rewards as one of the most elite working forces in the universe!

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Roy Sharpton

Postmaster General, Intergalactic Postal Service

Packages Delivered

Postal Workers Deceased

Tooth and Mail is a mature readers comic book miniseries coming in 2017 that details the exploits of a savage workforce in the distant future.

The Intergalactic Postal Service– or Space Bastards as they are colloquially known– work for Roy Sharpton.  These daring individuals have the job of delivering packages between planets.  Roy’s rules are simple:

  • Whoever delivers the package gets the cash.
  • Any postal workers can use any means necessary to steal the package for themselves.

The postal service was originally mostly comprised of ex-convicts and savages.  However, the more disenfranchised corners of the galaxy soon enlisted.  This job has attracted middle aged divorced men, former real estate agents, laid off accountants, and more.

This is the most dangerous job in the galaxy and also the only job that makes it’s patrons feel truly alive.

Coming soon from creators Eric Peterson, Joe Aubrey, and Darick Robertson.