Tooth and Mail is the first mini-series in the Space Bastards line of stories.  It is created by Eric Peterson, Joe Aubrey, and Darick Robertson.

It details the exploits of an ensemble mass of characters from the Intergalactic Postal Service.  From introducing the setting with the meek and recently broke accountant David S. Proton, to the savage exploits of ex-convict Manicorn, to… well, whatever it is that tentacled and perverse Zordakk is, this comic series is as varied in it’s characters as it is in setting.

This is America of the future.  Spread too thin amongst the cosmos, without the infrastructure to stabilize itself.  This is the frontier born anew, with the gleamy eyes of free enterprise in many, including Postmaster General Roy Sharpton– a recently bankrupt entrepreneur who inherits the somewhat broken postal service.

Deciding to create a work-for-hire system to entice society’s downtrodden, he turns the Intergalactic Postal Service into a bastion– the only place in the galaxy where the huddled masses can get out their aggression while making huge profits and remaining in control of their destiny.  The only price is survival.

The series is co-written by Eric Peterson (Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun) and Joe Aubrey, along with co-creator and artist Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, The Boys).  This is a mature readers miniseries that tells the story of how several men and women of the far future got tired of the daily grind and put everything on the line in a struggling society.