Roy Sharpton.  Myth.  Legend.  Self professed sexual dynamo.  At one point a very rich man off of a controversial prior business venture.  And yet it was during his most downtrodden period of life that he inherited the Intergalactic Postal Service, after an unusual tirade at a casino owned by the Hiccopai tribe.  He created the unique new business plan for IPS after learning that over 80% of packages were being lost in transit to other planets due to space piracy.  Thus he enlisted bloodthirsty ex-convicts in a new work-for-hire arrangement pitting them to the death against one another.  Soon this attracted other denizens of the galaxy– including divorced former real estate agents, laid off and exhausted accountants, and more.  Turnover is uniquely high for those who are in the position of his personal assistant.

David S. Proton.  Davey is a former accountant at Powers Industries– an intergalactic company responsible for much of the galaxies new infrastructure in the frontier.  Recently laid off, and facing financial ruin due to a banking error, David witnesses a televised advertisement from the Intergalactic Postal Service.  The ad mentions a large credit bonus for those who can last long enough within the workforce.  With no other options, David joins the Intergalactic Postal Service.  It seems unlikely that this meek man will last one day on the job.

The Manicorn.  Former convict.  An immense specimen.  Perhaps the most notorious postal worker that exists.  Manicorn rules his life by a strange code of conduct:  The Shit List.  You do not want to end up on that list.  One of the few postal workers that does not frequently dump his earnings into expensive and addictive habits.  It is rumored that his ship stores enough armaments to take over a small planet.  It is hard to imagine what Manicorn would do with himself if he did not have the postal service to suit his violent nature.

Leroy Palestine.  Former real estate agent.  He is known to call his ex-wife “The gift that keeps on taking.”  He joined the Intergalactic Postal Service as an unlikely candidate once he heard about the vast earnings other postal workers were making.  Luckily, he has a surprising streak of aggression built up from his previous life.  It is rumored that he has an exquisite beach house that he has made quite the plush getaway due to his delivery earnings.  Those seeking Leroy should check backwater brothels and poker tournaments.

Zordakk.  Little is known about the strange creature known as Zordakk.  Those who know him in the service describe him as the most fun loving and strangest postal worker.  Frequently found at lewd establishments, and seemingly never inebriated despite high dosages of drugs and alcohol, Zordakk has a penchant for misbehavior with females and frequent social misunderstandings due to communication issues.  He is very good at his job, though few understand how that is possible given his demeanor and stature.

Resurrection Mary.  Mary has received her moniker due to the fact that she seems to continue to show up after many violent deliveries. Most postal workers do not have the time or consideration to contemplate how this is possible.  Very tall.  Very attractive.  Very deadly.  She either is an alien with the ability of a cat’s nine lives, or she is just very very lucky.  Given that the Intergalactic Postal Service is predominantly male, her continued success is a sour point among much of the work force.